How to Enable SAP Fiori on NW 7.4 SP 04

I’ve prepared a simple and illustrated documentation in Portuguese about enabling SAP Fiori on NW 7.4 SP 04.

This document is a reference for a SCN Meetup Rio de Janeiro 2015 and I used to show this topic. If you are interested on SCN Meetup Rio 2015 please follow the link.

In this document I’ve explained about some steps to enable the SAP Fiori, as well as I’ve detailed the architecture of the SAP Fiori and an organized sequence of the configuration.

The following topics were touched:

  • How to download SAP Fiori Applications
  • Enable services on SICF
  • Create the SSL on STRUST
  • Enable NW Gateway 2.0 for SAP Fiori
  • Access Launchpad and Features

PDF Download: SCN-Meetup-2015-RJ-SAP-Fiori-Alex-Belle

Best Regards.

Alex Belle